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A Go-To Master Redirect Sheet To Compile Htaccess Rules


Have you finally been granted that htaccess that you’ve always been waiting for? Have you been told that you’re now responsible for compiling and deploying cross site redirects? It’s a scary thought, especially if you aren’t experience with compiling rewrite rules, but it’s a fantastic milestone as you’ll now be able to do make use of some brilliant tactics. Rewrite rules automatically generated...

Using TF*IDF Analysis To Write Clearly Defined Content


If you’re reading this post then you are either 1) similar with the term or 2) have absolutely no idea and you’re twisting your brain to understand how it’s relevant to SEO. If you find yourself sitting in the number 2 category then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to hop on board the TF*IDF wagon and to start utilising this analysis as part of your content recommendation...

Become an SEO Content Writing Wizard With The Writing Tool I Love (It’s Free)


As machine-learning is becoming more technical and Rank Brain is improving on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to get on top of your game when it comes to writing good quality content that’s SEO-friendly. If a user is unable to understand your content, how is a search engine crawler going to extract the right connotations and meaning that’s embedded in your copy? Something to think...

Enhance Google’s Knowledge Of Your Location With GEO Targeting


WARNING: Please be advised that the information in this article may be out of date, as it was written a while ago, please refrain away from actioning on any of the recommendations included in this article, unless you have investigated the concerns further. When launching a new website and you’re having to populate your to-do list, there are a million to one thing(s) that need doing in the process...

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