Brett Saltalamacchia


Hi, I’m Brett, an SEO consultant in Bristol that focuses on creating long-term, differentiation strategies for medium and enterprise level businesses to help develop and maintain their organic SEO presence in the long-term. Put simply, I help businesses drive more qualified, incremental website traffic that consistently meets targets and helps maximise visibility for their brand from Google search.

I’ve worked with many big brands in every vertical and over the past year, I have been working full-time as an SEO Specialist for an FTSE 100 financial services company in Bristol, prior to that, I worked within eCommerce for a company that’s known globally and has won a Queen’s Award for international trade. My first venture was agency side, where I worked on various medium-sized business websites on their local SEO, through to working in-house on enterprise sites that are responsible for driving 7 figures/yr from organic SEO and target the most competitive markets.

With over 6 years of hands-on SEO experience, I have implemented actionable strategies across teams in every niche, all of which their websites have different user intents, page types, classifications and requirements. This is my personal playground to reach out to other like-minded individuals, share ideas and document my thought process(es) to SEO – you can read my stories, learn more about me, download my tools and learn what I do in a few clicks.